I’ve seen Sen. Ben Sasse in person three times in my life. All three were as I ran by his water stop during the Lincoln Half Marathon.

The first year, I was shocked to see him. As I ran by him the second year, I yelled something to the effect of “worst town hall ever."

This past Sunday, I said, “Senator Sasse, come to Lincoln more than once per year." He responded, “I’m here all the time, buddy.”

I called Sasse’s Lincoln office earlier this week, and they reported there are no scheduled in-person town halls this year. I then asked if they knew when the last in-person town hall took place in Lincoln. They didn’t have that information, either.

Senator, if you are indeed in Lincoln all the time, why won’t you have a town hall? I shouldn’t have to run 13.1 miles to get a glimpse of my elected officials. While I appreciate the water during a long run, I would much rather you represent the people of Nebraska.

Also, if you see Sen. Deb Fischer in Washington, remind her that Lincoln is in Nebraska and that she, too, is a senator from Nebraska.

Maybe she could set up her own water stop – the Good Life Halfsy is coming up in November.

Tom Tiegs, Lincoln

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