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Bike lane

A cyclist pedals south in a designated bike lane on 11th Street in downtown Lincoln.

The recent controversy over the South 13th Street bike lane has caused me to review the need for bike lanes in Lincoln. My first observation in the downtown area does not reveal much use of the bike lanes. From my experience, bikers still frequently ride on the sidewalks.

Before investing millions of taxpayer dollars into bike lanes, it would seem reasonable to monitor these bike lanes for the amount of use. This would be the same procedure as monitoring vehicular traffic on roads to determine the need for change.

Additionally, bicycles should be registered and licensed to help defray the cost of bicycle lanes. Vehicles pay a wheel tax and other fees for using the roads. It would seem only fair that bicycles have a registration fee and wheel tax to use and maintain bike lanes. Everything else in Lincoln is registered or licensed.

Thirdly, I suggest anyone riding a bicycle on a sidewalk where a bike lane is available should be given a ticket, just as you would ticket a car driving on the sidewalk.

I believe these suggestions are fair and reasonable. I already can hear the objections concerning fees for lower-income earners. However, that does not seem to be a concern when registering or licensing cars or trucks.

I believe that if you are using a service provided by the taxpayer, you should also contribute to maintain that service.

Anthony J. Ross, Lincoln

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