Court appearance, 11/06

County-City Building in Lincoln.

Sunday's story ("Sales tax revenue lagging," July 28) on sales tax lagging is interesting.

It says Lincoln is $2.6 million short of projected revenue. Well, what was the budget revenue a year ago? We can't project things a year or two in advance, and, if we miss those projections, it doesn't mean we're wrong.

You can't be wrong on a projection; a projection is a guess.

Here is how you handle projections: We were short $2.6 million, so what were the actual figures for the previous year? Are we up from that or down?

What my family does when we run a little short is cut back. Wow — what a concept that is. Our local, state and federal governments need to cut back, take a little from here and a little from there.

Quit projecting, and live within our budget.

This is a city problem being short in tax revenue, so do not raise taxes. One problem is I hear people say often even local store owners say they order online to buy goods. That hurts our bottom line here in Lincoln. Lincoln has a wealth of great locally owned businesses at which to shop, so take the time and support them.

Also, I know you can't buy everything at locally owned businesses, but there are still the national chains to shop at. We get tax revenue from them, so, whatever you do, try and buy your goods here in Lincoln or Nebraska.

Once, a few years ago one party was saying that we cut this program. In essence, what happened was the increase they wanted was 10%, but the other party only gave them 7% — and they called that a cut. No, it's actually a raise of 7%, but, in government, that is a cut of 3%.

Come on, Lincoln — live within our means.

Roger Yant Sr., Lincoln

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