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Lincoln, like many other cities across the U.S., has no shortage of new apartments to rent. The problem, according to Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, is that not enough of them are affordable.

I attended a recent city council meeting where a new addition to the city is planned. It made me aware again of the lack affordable housing for low-income people.

There are too many people forced to live in inadequate homes because they have nowhere else to live that they can afford. I know there is a movement to get homeless people off the streets and into apartments. That is a great program.

This does not cover the needs of most low-income families, whether they be immigrants or poor citizens, for housing that is clean, safe, and near conveniences such as grocery stores, schools, medical facilities, transportation, etc.

I realize there is some public housing, but not enough. Many apartment complexes are being built, but they tend to have the latest -- and most expensive -- floor coverings, countertops, etc. I do not say that the materials should be poorly constructed or poor quality, but there need to be adequate furnishings, just not necessarily of quality that raises the prices to rent these properties.

I know that NeighborWorks does a great job in providing housing, but it is not enough. If we want to keep Lincoln a city where people want to live and work, we must also provide adequate clean, safe housing for all our citizens.

What can and will the city do to encourage and facilitate the construction of properties that meet these needs?

Mary Reeves, Lincoln


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