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Families Belong Together Rally 4

Lincoln protesters hold signs at the local Families Belong Together Rally, one of hundreds held across the country Saturday, June 30.

Misinformation, generalizations and mischaracterizations are damaging our country. Many people presume a connection between liberals and nefarious forms of government and social control.

What they see as regulations, we see as protections. Worker and consumer safety, education for all, protection of the Earth's resources, human rights for all -- this is good citizenship.

No one in our prosperous country should go hungry. Our elderly should have access to services they need. Likewise, our vets. No family should have to file for bankruptcy to provide needed health care for an ailing child. No one but a doctor and patient should make health care decisions. No one should be harassed because of religion, skin color, economic status or sexual orientation. All Americans should have easy access to vote.

Helping each other strengthens the U.S.

U.S. policies and interventions are responsible for much of the chaos in Central America and the Middle East. While we advocate strong borders, we don't think cruelty and guns are the solution. We have many more jobs to be filled, so they aren't taking American jobs.

We believe in equal opportunity, not assuming equal outcomes. We believe the financial industry should protect the economic interests of all the people, not just the wealthy.

How scary is that?

Katie McCarron, Verdigre

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