GOP governor's allies suffer in backlash in Kansas primary

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback speaks in January 2016 to the legislature in Topeka.

I find it amazing that, after the so-called "Kansas Experiment" with tax cuts failed miserably, we don't bother to do any research on how such cuts have worked out in practice.

At Gov. Sam Brownback's urging, Kansas cut taxes severely in 2012. Some companies became tax-free, and both business and personal tax rates were cut. Revenue went down by hundreds of millions. There were severe cutbacks to road maintenance, and education was in some cases cut to four-day weeks because of a lack of funding, for just two examples.

In short, the experiment failed horrendously. Instead of stimulating unheard-of growth and business expansion, there were a series of cutbacks to the state budget, with nine such reductions by early 2017.

Reductions in state revenue instead fell drastically instead of hitting new highs from increased growth and hiring. The tax cut legislation was rescinded in 2017 over the governor's veto.

The ultra-conservatives in Nebraska should check recent history one state south before resisting all tax shifts or sometimes an increase. Why would you think following such a plan would have different results in Nebraska than Kansas?

Fred Hall, Lincoln

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