Flooding-Farmers, 3.22

Floodwater covers Dave Eaton's farmland in the Missouri River bottomland near Union. He's worried the water will remain on his land and prevent him from planting this year.

As many Nebraskans move on to summer plans, some are recovering from historic flooding and will be doing so for a long time.

The extreme weather events of the past few years along with the president's trade policies have, in combination, significantly strained our economic situation and outlook.

And what are our state leaders doing to help? Condolences after the fact, surveying damage by helicopter and tweeting aren't leadership. It is time for our elected officials to lead by addressing climate change and standing up for our agricultural economy.

If they don't have the integrity and courage to do so, then those of us who truly care about the future of our state should speak up and take action to replace them with leaders that will.

Nick Steinke, Lincoln

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