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Nearly 100 community leaders gathered Thursday for the official announcement of a proposed joint public agency to support community learning centers, mental health services and school resource officers.

The mayor would have us believe that a joint public agency to fund school safety would be a magical solution with no additional costs to taxpayers.

The school district already had a chance to lower the tax rate when properties were reappraised — they emphatically declined, as they couldn’t live without the extra funds. Now, they claim they will lower the tax rate to fund the JPA.

How long will that last? Probably not very long.

I don’t trust the mayor, as he can always find good causes to raise taxes. I, and many other retirees, don’t get to raise our incomes to meet all these requirements.

I reiterate, neither the mayor nor the school board can be trusted to watch expenses. Promises can only be trusted from those who keep past promises.

Harry Miller, Lincoln

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