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It’s disgraceful what our politicians are saying and doing about global warming.

There are huge ice melts and glaciers are disappearing. More ice melting means less ice to cool, which means the problem is getting worse faster.

The world's population in 1951 was 2,553,816,786. The population at 1 p.m. Sunday was nearly triple that, at 7,667,468,100. By 2:45 p.m., it grew to 7,667,484,500, showing how slow I am. The higher it grows, the faster the number increases.

A huge problem is that poor and Third World countries are growing fastest. They don’t care, don’t believe it’s a problem or, sadder yet, don’t even know about global warming.

Neither side is totally wrong or right. Earth is getting warmer faster, and it is caused by humans. It’s caused by more humans growing more crops for food and more animals for meat and more crops to feed them, which produces more waste, which produces more carbon dioxide gas.

Politicians doing stupid things before checking are increasing the problem instead of making it better.

Bill Allen, Blue Springs

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