We need a champion. The fabric of our civilization is being ripped to shreds by nonsensical gun violence.

I simply want to know why we can't incorporate required gun use and safety training into our laws just as we have for motor vehicles? Did the laws eliminate car accidents? No, but it lifted the country's awareness to the gravity of responsibility and the ability to perform at an agreed upon standard.

As someone who doesn't own a gun, I would consider it a protection of my rights that all gun owners be required to have classroom and hands-on training before being allowed to carry a weapon. Everyone who owns a gun should have to carry a permit showing they have had the training just as I have to show my driver's license.

What is the cost compared to what we have already lost and continue to lose in our schools, places of worship, community gatherings and societal expectations?

I also feel like the National Rifle Association could be brought in on this by offering a discounted voucher for anyone who is a member of its organization. It would help its image also if it was proactive in the concept of responsible gun use.

We need education more than restriction. Creating an environment where mentoring and instruction are a part of the culture would change the current norm of nothing being accomplished. It would lift society's expectation to the required and nurtured standard.

Tammy D. Haynie, Lincoln

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