Donald Trump's motto, "Make America great again," should be the punch line of a bad joke.

Instead of making America great again, he has systematically destroyed whatever standing America had as the leader of the free world. Pulling out of trade agreements, treaties and antagonizing nations that were once our allies.

His latest abandonment of the Kurds is tantamount to a crime against humanity. How can any of our allies think they can depend on the United States any more?

His trade war with China has cost all of us money. He still seems to think all the tariff money is going directly to the U.S. Treasury. Domestically, he is doing away with all clean air and water legislation and thinks that wind turbines cause cancer and climate change is a hoax.

His ranting, raving speech in Minneapolis on Oct. 10 was disgusting and sickening. His only answer to criticism is to personally attack and insult his critics. He has set himself up for impeachment by trying to get the Ukraine and China to find dirt on Joe Biden and his son.

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Plus, he is urging his aides and Cabinet members to ignore subpoenas to testify before Congress. This is clearly obstruction of justice.

Impeachment is a drastic step to be sure. But, I see no alternative.

For the sake of the country, it is high time for members of Congress to forget party affiliation, stop worrying about their political careers and do the right thing for the country.

Earl Flittner, Waverly

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