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I'm writing before we've reached halftime of the football game Saturday. Win or lose, I wanted to send a letter about Cornhusker fans.

I'm an Iowa farm girl who now lives in Oregon. I grew up with the impression that Nebraska fans were a bit rabid. And there is always the ongoing joke that Nebraska has so many fans because what the heck else is there to do in that state?

So today, I rode the game bus and attended an Oregon tailgate in a location where we could interact with passing Nebraska fans. Your fans have never been here, so our fans were maybe a bit wary. Your fans certainly have hilarious clothing choices -- my personal favorite was red/white striped overalls.

But the bigger picture is that the impression your fans made pregame was just entirely positive. High fives and warm greetings were universal where we ran into Husker fans. When you bring 15,000-plus fans, that is truly something to be proud of.

So again, win or lose in the game, everyone wins when our common vision is a good game by both sides and fans are positive.

I'm proud to be a Midwestern gal today. Nice work, Nebraska!

Kris Norelius, Eugene, Oregon


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