Darin Erstad

Nebraska head coach Darin Erstad consoles Luke Roskam after a game ending strike out against Oklahoma State in their NCAA Regional game on Saturday in Oklahoma City. Erstad announced his resignation on Monday. 

I'm sorry, but it is time that Husker fans realize that they aren't in charge of who does and who doesn't coach of Nebraska athletics teams. Darin Erstad's situation is a perfect example of spoiled fans and their poor sportsmanship.

Erstad has had a couple of off seasons, but, as I recall, fans demanded his hiring, much like they demand Bo Pelini's hiring. And then, after a few off seasons, they, too, demanded his firing.

Nebraska fans are fickle. What coach would would want to come and coach at Nebraska?

You have the golden boy at the football helm now, Scott Frost. What is going to happen when he has a few off seasons? I'll tell what will happen: Nebraska fans will demand his head and insist he be fired.

It is time that fans remove themselves from the hiring and firing process and let the athletic director make the decision, instead of the fans making the ultimate call.

Nebraska will never achieve the greatness that we once knew as long as fans control the shots and not the school.

Grow up, fans! It's not all about you.

Dave Ellis, Lincoln

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