Letter, 10/6: How did Trump fool the heartland?

Letter, 10/6: How did Trump fool the heartland?


George Will ("Best antidote to bad election is better one," Sept. 29) may be correct that the next presidential election must make right the crazy outcome of the last.

But what I can’t figure out is this: how has the heartland of the country been taken in by an underhanded, self-promoting New Yorker?

I am a Nebraska girl. I lived in Arnold, O'Neill and Aurora before moving to Lincoln and graduating from Lincoln East. I participated in Cornhusker Girls State. I worked at the Legislative Research Division of the Nebraska Legislature. I know Nebraskans are call-it-like-you-see-it people.

Marriage took me to Long Island, New York, and then Arlington, Virginia. Time in New York plus Nebraskan sensibility allows me to spot the posturing and preening of a New York charlatan.

Just across the Potomac, I’ve had a front row view of the shenanigans of the current president. He’s a New York brawler. I didn’t think Nebraskans tolerated bullies.

Trump’s election was, in part, a rejection of coastal elites and their disdain for heartland Americans. I get it. Such elites are obnoxious.

The paradox is that we elected one. He won’t own up to it, because he only keeps his job if middle America thinks he is on their side. He isn’t.

America deserves better. When we’ve drawn the bad apple from the barrel, let’s call it what it is and not keep eating it just because that’s what we happened to choose.

Sandra Schrag Busching, Arlington, Va.



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