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Homecoming Displays

UNL fraternities and sororities come together to create and build displays for homecoming.

There seems to be a lack of faith in Greek Life on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. Fraternities and sororities on this campus are a great way to have fun and to be social.

Students in Greek life are given an easy way to meet and become friends with new people. Let college students who are experiencing freedom for the first time in their young lives live how they would like, while still in a structured environment that encourages mutual respect, work ethic and longtime friendships.

There also is a common opinion that the only reason students join chapters is to party and binge drink. Along with this belief comes a stigma of anticipated sexual assault during such parties.

While these cases are far fewer in number than you might be led to believe, UNL’s administration handles these rare instances well and have and will remove chapters convicted of any crimes. These instances only generally happen once every year or so, but, when they do, UNL handles them in an appropriate manner.

Greek life is not for all, but it can be a great launchpad for an out-of-town kid trying to meet new people in a new state, or it could be just another way to have fun while gaining discipline in college.

Either way, we intend on proving through our actions that Greek life at UNL deserves a better reputation than what it might have now.

Cameron Collier and Devin Vetter, Lincoln

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