Cannabis plants

Understandably, for a person living under the comfortable umbrella of multimillion-dollar bank accounts, there is going to be a skewed sense of the daily costs normal citizens face when balancing finances.

Gov. Pete Ricketts suggests legal medical alternatives exist for those seeking marijuana-based help. Epidiolex, the lab based pill he puts forward, would cost a person an estimated $32,000 to $60,000 annually. That same person can grow his or her own strain-specific cannabis plant at home, in the garden, for less than $1 per gram.

Figuring for heavy consumption, that is still less than $700 per year. Tell me who gets the benefit of that cost gap — GW Pharmaceuticals or fellow Nebraskans?

Gov. Ricketts says the medical marijuana bill is a Trojan horse for legalization. Maybe, but I like to frame it is an ethical first step towards righting a societal wrong that has disenfranchised and criminalized good people for their personal choices — quite the dissonance coming from his supposed small-government advocacy.

We are citizens of Nebraska, and like-minded ones to myself have taken back our pride. We don’t hold shame on our choice of cannabis over the legal alternatives. There is no reason for us to feel guilt in shadows of America’s caloric and alcoholic gluttony.

Find a different scapegoat for the ill health and unattained concept of the your utopia, governor; we are done being the whipping boy.

Brent Budler, York

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