A voter fills out a ballot in the polling place at Maxey Elementary on Tuesday.

I received a survey from the Republican National Committee the other day. The survey said that filling it out helps the Republican Party plan its platform for 2020, so I filled it out. However, several of the questions were asked in ways that contained factual errors.

One question asked, "Should we [oppose the] 'Green New Deal', which would cost $93 trillion, ban air travel, impose a 70% tax rate, and punish Americans for eating hamburgers?" In fact, the Green New Deal is just setting the goal to seriously deal with climate change. Democrats have not yet agreed what it would look like, and no one in the party has suggested banning air travel or imposing a 70% tax.

Another question asks, "[Should the Republican Party] stand up to Socialists in the Democratic party who want to confiscate all guns?" While increasing gun control is a part of the Democratic platform, absolutely no one in the party is suggesting confiscating all guns. Confiscating any guns at all is a fringe idea, even on the left.

Another question asks, "Do you support Republican efforts to ... pay down our national debt?" In fact, the tax cuts that Republicans have passed are projected to increase the national debt by about $2 trillion.

I do understand that the "survey" is really a fundraising letter. But it really does bother me that the letter presents falsehoods as truth. Surely the RNC can find support without lying to its supporters.

Kevin North, Lincoln

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