Goodyear Fitness Center

The Goodyear Fitness Center opened in 1982 in the former Havelock school near 62nd and Logan. The Northeast Family Center childcare center rents the neighboring building from the fitness center and seems tethered to the gym’s future, but Northeast’s plans are unclear.

I’m so sorry to read of the possible closing of the Goodyear Fitness Center (" 'Praying for a miracle'," June 9).

Before Goodyear purchased the lot with the two buildings, Plant Manager Dan Remigio called Paul Ess, myself and a few others into his office. I was chosen (as an industrial engineer) along with our safety manager to go through the building with a report back as to the feasibility of the building for the use it would eventually become.

Two of us toured the building and reported back that the structure appeared to be in good shape and would be a good facility for the plan Dan had in mind for it with appropriate modifications.

Dr. David Kutsch introduced me to an exercise program called aerobics as proposed by Dr. Kenneth Cooper in 1967. Since the purchase of the Goodyear Fitness Center in 1982, I’ve been actively working out there often since then until recently, having been sidelined with a broken back.

Wayne Simpson, Lincoln

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