A fast track to ruin? Amtrak opponents fear high-speed plans

An Amtrak Acela train passes through Mystic, Conn.

In yet another ill-considered move, President Donald Trump is threatening to veto a budget bill that contains money to run long-distance passenger trains, including the California Zephyr trains through Lincoln.

Congress has repeatedly told Trump and Amtrak that it wants to see the national long-distance passenger network continue to operate, but Trump ignores these messages.

We have a president who is anti-rail passenger. He has succumbed to pressure from the Koch brothers, who made their fortunes from selling gasoline and petroleum products.

The Koch brothers oppose Amtrak and public transit projects because they don't want to lose profits from people shifting to rail or other means of travel rather than driving. They contributed heavily to Trump's campaign and are calling in the chits.

Nebraska residents should contact our congressional delegation and let them know that we want and need Amtrak trains here and elsewhere. If Trump indeed vetoes the funding bill, Congress should override his veto.

Richard Schmeling, Lincoln

District 1 director, ProRail Nebraska

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