Davey Fireworks, 6.25

Jay Halla (left) and Daniel Edstrom hang up an American flag on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, at Davey Fireworks.

Regarding David Kendle's letter ("Unlike left, Hong Kong gets liberty," Aug. 16): A flag is literally a decorated piece of cloth, a rag if you prefer.

Thus, the first phrase of the Pledge of Allegiance we learned "I pledge allegiance to the flag ..." smacks of idolatry, and some Christians view it as such. The Pledge redeems itself with "and to the republic, for which it stands ... with liberty and justice for all."

Symbolism of our flag makes it important. To Hong Kong protesters, it represents the principles of liberty; to Iranians, imperialism that propped up a brutal dictator for the sake of oil; to some Americans, a reminder of "offensive and disgusting" slavery and racial bigotry endured under that flag, or unjustified wars and reckless waste of lives as in Vietnam.

When I put out my flag on Veterans Day, it is for me a symbol of respect for those who have sacrificed in service to our nation; on the Fourth, a symbol of the founding of our nation and Declaration of Independence.

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Our flag represents different things at different times to different people. Kendle is outraged that everyone doesn't see it as he does, claiming they act like "illiterate children." Perhaps he should read a bit more of our history himself.

To the glory of this nation, some Americans can protest what they view as evil or unjust with their "offensive and disgusting" treatment of the flag, while others can publicly parade their own outraged feelings about such protests.

Thomas Shores, Lincoln

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