Letter, 11/27: Free speech issue, not vandalism

Letter, 11/27: Free speech issue, not vandalism

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Where does freedom of speech become an act of vandalism?

City Attorney Jeff Kirkpatrick says his office often charges cases of vandalism, even with no property damage. And a note taped to a door is worthy of a charge of vandalism.

It seems to this ordinary, taxpaying citizen, the content of a note is irrelevant to the crime of vandalism. If the content of a note determines the crime, the issue appears to be freedom of speech.

Imagine Sen. Deb Fischer reporting to the Lincoln Police Department that an “I love Trump” sign was taped to her office’s glass door.

Imagine the LPD setting aside other work to collect evidence. Next, the city attorney files charges of vandalism. Then the entire show moves to the courtroom for a trial.

In reality, Senator Fischer did report to the LPD a non-threatening note taped to her campaign office’s glass door during the time of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearing. The note did not say “I love Trump.” It said “Deb hearts rapists.” Senator Fischer did not like the speech of that note.

The real case went to trial in the last few weeks. The verdict was “not guilty.”

Now imagine there is equality under the law, free speech still prevails and no special consideration was given to Senator Fischer.

Thia Hartley, Lincoln


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