Fortenberry town hall

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry speaks at a town hall meeting on Thursday at Lincoln North Star.

I am writing to comment upon Carl Sitzmann’s letter (“Show Fortenberry civility at town halls,” Aug. 7).

The uber-liberal fanatics who scream at the congressman are the very same uber-liberal fanatics who spit on me, as a draftee returning from Vietnam in 1970, at San Francisco airport as I was returning home to Nebraska.

These zealots are absolutely devoid of any respect or insight. They cannot be influenced. The only behavior they know is pernicious and toxic.

My wife and I have attended Rep. Jeff Fortenberry's previous town hall meetings, and, while we share Mr. Sitzmann’s thoughts, I simply don’t believe that these harpies are capable of either tolerance or civility.

The only way to approach them is to defeat them at the ballot box. Vote for Jeff Fortenberry.

Craig Urbauer, Lincoln

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