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New Congress, Deb Fischer

Vice President Mike Pence (right) administers a ceremonial oath to Sen. Deb Fischer, accompanied by her husband Bruce Fischer (center) and their son, Morgan (left), during a mock swearing-in ceremony Thursday on Capitol Hill.

When Sen. Deb Fischer gives our president a "B" grade for an overall job rating performance ("Fischer gives Trump a 'B,'" Jan. 4), does she mean very good and above average but not quite excellent?

Would she be referring to how very good he is at keeping his administration intact and the federal government open and functioning? His handling of the wall issue? His sensitivity to government employees who are held hostage and won't receive their paychecks because of the longest shutdown in our nation’s history, one that he proclaimed he’s proud to own?

And what about the tariffs he imposed, which led to retaliatory tariffs amounting to close to $1 billion in lost farm income for Nebraska? Does her "B" rating infer how very good she believes he is at obstructing justice in the Mueller probe, undermining the findings of the CIA and FBI, attacking judges and journalists, the press and belittling everyone and anyone who is critical of him and his policies or is not loyal?

Does the "B" mean she's clearly convinced he’s above average when it comes to Twitter rants, name-calling, degrading women and minorities, creating division, supporting and enabling white extremists, undermining trusted democratic institutions and creating chaos with allies and international trading partners?

Fischer appears to be completely out of touch with common working people, believing in and living out her own alternative fiction so far removed from reality that I think she definitely deserves an "A" for her excellent ability to concoct her own distorted version.

Jay Tschetter, Denton

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