Letter, 9/26: Explaining through art how right, left differ

Letter, 9/26: Explaining through art how right, left differ

U.S. Capitol

Flags fly Tuesday in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 1, 2019.

Using fine arts as a model, I herewith submit a brief analysis of left and right political assertions.

Historically, foundations in art have framed creative endeavors. Affirming core fundamental values allows free exploration. Scribbles can produce masterworks, as artists periodically return to bedrock.

A friend once facetiously remarked, “To dance creatively, a ballerina needs a floor under her feet.” Similarly, successful politicians, require solid footing.

Reflecting on the above contention helps clarify why governmental legislation requires a foundational cornerstone. Accordingly, conservative politicians are positioned to be investigative scholars.

As the imaginations of conservative senators roam, preferably they continue to center their explorations upon the foundation of the United States’ Constitution. Their probing thoughts must be thoroughly weighed and tested against solid principles.

They are obliged to understand that a solid floor gives them freedom to “dance,” that is, to be innovative thinkers. In contrast, if liberals contentiously reject portions of the Constitution and law, they are overlooking established tenets, “prancing” on murky terrain.

Emphatically important, the Constitution must be the core of each lawmaker’s reflective thought. Our historical narrative and Constitution must circumscribe lawmakers’ intellectual thinking.

Misplacing our solid foundation, the left can soar in numerous directions, resulting in an array of sundry, self-promoted political positions and curious proposals as is obviously observed with the Green New Deal.

Concerns about fanatical viewpoints certainly exist for both conservative and progressive legislators. Assertive conservatives can refuse to “dance,” or investigate outside a fixed framework. They can stubbornly stay within a rigid blueprint spurning the liberating advantage of their solid base.

By contrast, progressives can chaotically wander in a wilderness that is occasionally distant from acceptable core values.

William Wolfram, Seward



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