Letter, 8/4: Expanded health care saved my life

Letter, 8/4: Expanded health care saved my life


Plain and simple — without the Affordable Care Act, I would be dead.

When the ACA was enacted, I hadn't seen a doctor since 2005. When it got through Congress, my wife and I signed up immediately.

I went to my doctor with some problems. He ordered a CT scan and came back to talk about what was going on, only to find out I had cancer in both of my kidneys. The right kidney had developed more cancer than the left, among other concerns.

I had an operation scheduled for the right side to remove the cancer. The left kidney was done 13 months later. But I'm still not in the out of the woods yet. I have to get CT scans every six months for the next 5 years before I'm in the clear.

Without the ACA, I wouldn't have survived or afforded the cost. This is why I support health coverage for all.

There's no excuse for our nation not to help provide affordable health care insurance. Most states force us to have auto insurance. Congress should do their job and help us out and not worry how it will affect the insurance companies.

Maybe opening up to let insurance companies to compete across state lines is a good place to start. I do know nothing is for free. Most nations provide health care for their people. We do claim to be the best place in the world to live, which I believe, it's time for health care for all.

Another way to help pay for the cost is, if our nation allows the legalization of gambling and recreational marijuana use, could be a great way to help pay for health care for all. Congress has health coverage; we should, too! 

Pete Sinica, Lincoln


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