Nebraska Electoral College vote

Nebraska electors meet to cast vote.

In response to two recent Journal Star letters that extol the so-called merits and fairness of the Electoral College, may I ask these Nebraska writers if they have experienced the frustration of having voted in the presidential election for the past 52 years (and counting) without their vote counting.

Unfortunately, a trip to the polls to cast a meaningless vote provides little incentive for a civic-minded Democrat to take time off from the job, or leave that comfortable armchair at home, for nothing. A meaningless waste of time. Yes, the last time Nebraskans chose a Democrat for President was 1964 — Lyndon Johnson by a landslide victory.

It should also be noted that Democratic presidential contenders have won the popular vote in six of the last seven elections only to witness two losing Republicans being sworn into office by virtue of winning the Electoral College. Understandably, Republicans love the status quo and the electoral college because it enables their candidate and their party to win by losing.

Additionally, Wyoming, the least-populous state, has three electors each representing about 188,000 residents. Meanwhile, California, the most-populous state, has 55 electors each representing roughly 678,000 residents. One can hardly call this equal representation when there is a disparity of 3.6 to 1 in Wyoming's favor.

Polls show that the majority of Americans agree that all votes matter; one person and one vote ensures equality. Votes should not be weighted by the population of the state in which one resides — this is an outdated notion and immaterial.

Did I read somewhere that in America we are all created equal? Or is this just a myth?

Ron Holscher, Ogallala

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