Letter, 5/10: Editorial misses mark on census

Letter, 5/10: Editorial misses mark on census


The main premise of Sunday's editorial ("Undercount on census would hurt Nebraska," May 5) is that illegal immigrants will not complete the census for fear of being caught due to “Trump’s question” and “Nebraskans” will be undercounted.

The editorial even proudly brandishes the 14th Amendment as proof of need for an accurate count. This alone proves that only citizens “who are taxed” should be counted. (Initially, Indians were not citizens that lived on reservations, sovereign territories, and thus not counted and not taxed.)

The initial reason for the census was to keep the federal government from arbitrarily laying taxes and apportioning unequal suffrage to the states and to keep the states from lying about their population to get greater representation in the House or to share an unequal portion of the national expenses. It is a count of the number of citizens in each state.

That is why citizens alone and not non-citizens are subject to the Census via the Constitution. Should a tourist visiting during the time of the census be counted? Obviously not as they are not responsible for our national expenses.

For the sake of clarification, Trump’s question has been in place on the long-form (unconstitutional) census since 1950.

A reader would expect a more accurate and truthful response from a periodical that claims it is not pushing an agenda.

Karl C. Gaiser, Lincoln



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