Neri POY 2018

Fireworks light up the sky over Oak Lake Park to finish off the annual Uncle Sam Jam Independence Day celebration July 3, 2018.

What is wrong with you people in the alleged positions of power in this city? Get off your butts, and start getting a handle on this out-of-control nonsense of fireworks going off all over the city as much as a month before the Fourth of July and as late as two months after.

It's bad enough that people have to put up with that racket at all, even for one day. Nowadays, it sounds like we are living in a war zone. I can't tell if it's guns going off or just more idiots knowing they can break laws in Lincoln and not suffer any consequences.

The animals suffer from it, the veterans suffer from it, the elderly suffer from it -- and there really is no for not actively policing this problem. We shouldn't have to do the job of the police to get them to act on this crime, or any other for that matter.

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Stop the advertising this early and have the police get out and ticket these people who are breaking the law. The neighborhoods are sick of this and shouldn't have to put up with it. The overall noise control in Lincoln is completely ignored by the authorities, weather it be fireworks, loud cars stereos or barking dogs.

Sam Rap, Lincoln

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