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Help me out here. President Trump and Republicans in general, tout their mission as one of smaller government, defined as less oversight -- or overreach, depending on the message -- and more power to the states.

They're so dedicated to those rights of states that Native heritage sites were opened up to oil and mineral harvesting, regardless of the cultural genocide perpetuated as a result of those "states’ rights."

All profiteers are happy because states’ rights are recognized and money may be made off of the lands that the other-than-rich people clearly have no idea how to properly use, an ages-old sentiment.

Fast forward, umm, two weeks? States’ rights are nil, nullified, vilified and void. So much so that the government is going to reach way far out and trump (pun intended) the rights of the states whose citizens have decided, through the democratic process, to legalize God's lettuce -- marijuana.

Why the 180-degree turnaround? Could it be that the billionaire opioid creators, the lumber and paper industries, the privatized prison system and those who profit from it all (aka donors) could lose a little power? Other-than-rich people could create their own products, develop their own economy and leave the billionaires to spend their own money, after all.

The administration seems to love states’ rights because it gives power back to citizens unless, of course, it gives power back to citizens. How did we get to this double standard on states' rights? Is America defined by freedom or profit?

Jon Gilbert, Lincoln


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