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Nebraska Walk for Life 1.26

Alvin Raef cuts balloons to represent unborn babies that have been aborted since 1973 during the Nebraska Walk for Life event on Saturday near the state Capitol.

Sen. Ben Sasse's Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act essentially says that should a botched abortion occur, the abortionist must take actions to save the child born alive.

It is saying that doctors need to give these unwanted, yet alive, babies the same medical care and attention that a planned and wanted baby gets. This bill only concerns babies out of the womb, not in the womb; it has absolutely nothing to do with abortion.

This is a living human life that has entered the world that Sen. Sasse is trying to protect. He says, "It’s a pretty simple question: are you on the side of these vulnerable little babies, or are you on the side of (Virginia) Gov. (Ralph) Northam and his defense of infanticide?"

Regardless of why someone would support infanticide, I cannot imagine living with myself with that on my conscience. There is no possible realm in which someone can defend the murdering of children born alive. Sen. Ben Sasse put it best when he said, “This shouldn’t be about politics. ... This should be about having a heart.”

Kaia Anderson, Lincoln

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