Pledge of allegiance

North Bend Central Elementary students say the pledge of allegiance. 

My wife and I recently had breakfast at a local restaurant. I have a tradition of wearing very patriotic dress (party neutral) this time of year to honor our country, our way of life and the men and women who have served and are presently serving to preserve our freedom and way of life.

This particular morning, two people approached me to positively comment on my patriotic dress. One was a supporter of President Donald Trump; the other was not.

After the encounters, my wife and I discussed how the patriotic dress — which was, again, party neutral — was interpreted so differently by the two individuals.

We marveled at the fact each person interpreted the patriotic dress from their political perspective.

We both toasted the fact America is a very special place and the fact that, regardless of political persuasion, there is so very much we Americans all have in common.

God bless the USA.

Dan Zichek, Lincoln

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