Letter, 9/28: Democracy needs us to seek out truth

Letter, 9/28: Democracy needs us to seek out truth

U.S. Capitol

Flags fly Tuesday in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 1, 2019.

In today’s polarized culture, it is difficult to determine the truth. Clearly, some news and information sources are biased.

A candidate’s character and economic interests need to be considered when picking our leaders. Emotions alter a person’s judgment. A person’s past history affects their current actions. Thinking harder, voting and communicating with local groups and elected officials at all levels are vital for our democracy’s future.

As a Republican, I urge all of us to use the large Democratic presidential race to evaluate different ideas. A vital democracy takes parts of different ideas and ends up as a compromise, which can result in a stronger America.

Scientists discover new facts and choose between opinions by designing equipment devoid of emotion to measure and collect facts which are agreed to be true by everyone. Money is a factor which can causes certain facts to be omitted, to then arrive at different conclusions. Tribalism can cause us to discount truths.

The best way for us to have the best future is to intentionally listen and interact with different sources and people outside of our beliefs and tribe. We then need to identify the observable facts which support their opinions.

The future of our children and grandchildren is dependent on us doing the hard work of evaluating and voting for the people who are honest and putting our democracy first. Please listen to public media, which has the least motivation to pre-select facts and omit sources that disagree with you.

James R. Frederick, Lincoln



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