I recently called the offices of all five Nebraska representatives to Congress to ask about their position on gun control.

After three mass shootings in our country in the last two weeks, not one representative had a readily available position that they could relay to me by phone. Unbelievable.

Two referred me to their websites, where I could dig for this information. Two said they would send me a letter. I don’t have a lot of confidence in this because the last time I contacted Sen. Deb Fischer’s office, I received a letter on the wrong subject. One office had no idea.

Our country is facing an epidemic. It should be declared a national emergency. Children are afraid to go to school. All of us have doubts about attending large events. I do not call this representation. Who are we to turn to if we can’t call on our elected representatives?

I am going to start shopping at Walmart. At least I know where they stand.

Valerie Smith, Lincoln

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