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I-80 crash

The Nebraska State Patrol shared a photo from a fiery crash in backed-up traffic on Interstate 80 that killed the driver of a semi. The chain-reaction crash followed an earlier accident in which four people died.

I travel Interstate 80 more frequently than most people. Time and time again, I see over-the-road truck drivers placing themselves and other motorists in extremely dangerous and out-of-control situations on a frequent basis -- anything from cutting in front of people trying to pass to sitting in the passing lane doing 55 mph beside another trucker for 2 or 3 miles.

I have the utmost respect for our interstate and highway patrol, but they have to start getting a grip on some of these ignorant, obnoxious over-the-road drivers who think they are above the law and can do whatever they want.

It is time to get some of these arrogant, braindead drivers off the roads. How many people have to die before these people start being accountable for the damage they cause?

Brian Brown, Scottsbluff


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