Election Day voting, 11/6

Election judge Tom Schmitz hands a voter a sticker at the 13th Street Community Center on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.

I have begun to hear a familiar refrain among Lincoln voters. It goes something like, “I think my favorite candidate(s) are behind. I might not bother to vote. My vote won’t count much anyway."

I feel like shouting "ARGGGGH!" Really, people? Are you actually thinking about leaving yourself out of the decisions that will set our course as a city?

We don’t have to look far back for examples of close races on candidates and issues. Every vote counts! Make yourself heard.

Our country’s founders established that the ballot box is one of three important checks that citizens have on government. The other two are on grand juries and trial juries. Most people never serve on a jury.

Many people don’t vote. Be a citizen, not just a taxpayer. Vote on Tuesday.

Roy A. Christensen, Lincoln

Lincoln city councilman

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