People's Climate March

LINCOLN, NEB - 04/29/2017 The frontline of the People's Climate March leads the way to the Capitol on Saturday, April 29, 2017, near Centennial Mall. AMBER BAESLER, Journal Star

Too many times news articles report on the direness of climate change and occasionally list a few things individuals can do to make a difference.

In reality, I could live in a cave in the woods and have zero footprint -- and my sacrifice would not solve climate change. At this point in time, climate change is a problem we cannot solve at the personal level.

Yes, we should all be careful consumers and conserve as much as possible, but the problem demands we take political action to make the changes necessary. This problem must have a society-wide solution.

If we know climate change is happening, then what we read about climate change is often scary and triggers feelings of guilt and shame. But, when the only suggestions are personal -- change your light bulbs, walk more or give money -- we end up hopeless and helpless.

Many times, I’ve thought, "Well, what can I do about it? I’m only one person."

The seriousness of climate change demands a government solution. If our elected officials are not ready to act, then more and more and more of us must join together, with grassroots organizations such as Citizens Climate Lobby, to be active citizens in our democracy.

We must create the political will for a livable world. That can only happen when we join together in political action.

Moni Usasz, Lincoln

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