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Nearly 100 community leaders gathered Thursday for the official announcement of a proposed joint public agency to support community learning centers, mental health services and school resource officers.

The very last thing Lincoln taxpayers need is an additional taxing authority for the Lincoln Public Schools system. The mayor, school board and superintendent are totally greedy.

There is an adequate increase in commercial property valuations to provide funding for police protection for Lincoln's public schools this year. Residential property values increased an average of 8.7 percent last year ("Despite tax rate drop, homeowners pay more," Oct. 10)

In the next year or two, there will be another revaluation on residential property, and, knowing how greedy the school system is, they will keep the entire increase in taxes. This is exactly what happened during the last revaluation of residential property.

LPS will will receive a huge windfall from the state this year. Lincoln taxpayers should receive a tax break from this windfall, but I am betting the greedy school system will keep it all. At the very least, taxpayers should be allowed to vote on whether or not to set up a joint public agency, but I'll be the greedy mayor, school board and superintendent will just ram it down our throats.

If a school JPA is established, there should be an exemption from the tax for senior citizens and the disabled.

Over the years, I have known many upper-middle-income retirees who left Lincoln and Nebraska because of the high state and local taxes, paying several thousand dollars a year. I just talked with another retired person this month who's leaving for this reason.

The school board and superintendent need to wake up. Most of my friends and I have vowed to vote against the next school bond issue because of how we've been treated as taxpayers in recent years.

Do not set up a school JPA that will just increase taxes from year to year — enough already.

H. Eugene Cook, Lincoln


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