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Patriots Rams Super Bowl Football

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 performs during the halftime show at Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta on Sunday.

We are told it is not proper to bully or be insensitive to others, but as I watch prime-time TV shows, daily talk shows and comedians, it appears to be OK if you are a big-name celebrity to make fun of others in very demeaning ways, especially if they don’t agree with your agenda.

Guess it depends on who you are or connected to as to whether bullying is allowed.

Late night talk shows are the best example. They are not entertaining or funny.

The most recent example is the protest of music performers boycotting the Super Bowl halftime show. Intimidation should not be allowed to make others fall in line, and those who don't do so shouldn't be punished.

That is not protesting; that is bullying. Congrats to Maroon 5; it’s time to go buy their music.

Is it do as you are told, or is it do as you observe? What are we teaching this next generation by these bullying actions?

Jerry Wilson, Lincoln

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