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Bike lane

A traffic signal for cyclists on Lincoln's N Street Cycle Track.

Richard Ternes, along with other Lincoln residents and visitors, thinks city bike lanes will cost too much ("Lincoln bike plan will cost too much," Nov. 29).

OK, let’s get out our calculators again: You’ve been struck by a car while riding your bike and left paralyzed. What is your daily functionality worth to you?

For me to use my fingers to type this message – that’s easily worth $250,000 to me.

To use my legs to walk to the restroom and my arms to push open the door -- at least $1 million, each time.

To have my brain functioning every day, to have it process ideas, feelings, recipes, poems, new skills and everything else -- I am not entirely sure there is a number high enough.

I get it -- not everyone rides a bike. But to hell if bikers do not deserve a safe space to commute or be physically active.

After 20 years of close calls, I finally had a distracted driver hit me with his car while I was biking. Do you know what it feels like to be hit by a car, Richard? Perhaps if you did, you would reconsider your stance.

Every city has debt. Adding more bike lanes has the potential to reduce the number of cars on the road, which reduces road maintenance, which, in time, will save money.

Stand back a little further and take in the big picture.

Molly Mayhew, Lincoln

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