Swearing-in New Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird, 5.20

Former Mayor Chris Beutler is thanked for his years of service to the city on Monday. 

Dear Mayor Beutler: Your years of service in government have benefited us all. You live what you love.

Your passion for a healthy, vibrant, forward-thinking community drives the policy you put into place to secure our children’s future. Those policies will ensure our community continues to have good trails for commuting, and recreation, diversity and a place for young professionals to thrive.

You encourage start-up companies and revitalize areas of blight. The transformation of Antelope Valley and Telegraph District are examples of the success of those investments. Providing incentives for energy efficient homes, electrifying the city fleet with alternative energy and preserving our parks, recreation centers and pools strengthen our community.

Our public transportation system continues to improve with bio-fueled vehicles, and the lights keep burning brightly with the implementation of LEDs.

You have a humble style, with your feet firmly rooted in the ground while your leaves keep reaching for the sky.

You mentored many. The interns you support who grow into positions throughout our city demonstrate how you invite new ideas and learn as much as you teach.

You act rather than react, minimizing the drama -- and our world needs a whole lot less drama.

I imagine the activities you will take on in the near future: seeding the Prairie Corridor, engaging youth to understand the benefits of alternative energy and spending more time with family and friends.

Your dedication to our city took away valuable time from your family. My sincere thanks for the sacrifice your family made and for sharing you with our community.

You make everyone you touch feel special.

Rosina Paolini, Lincoln

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