Spring Game, 4.13

Nebraska men's basketball coach Fred Hoiberg waves to the crowd during the Red-White Spring Game on April 13 at Memorial Stadium.

Dear new Husker men's basketball staff: After hearing reports you sent three of our student-athletes home for the summer with a message not to return, I worry you may have gotten the wrong impression of Husker men's basketball fans.

I don't pretend to speak for the entire fan base, but I hope you can learn something from the quiet majority.

First, this is not Iowa State. We don't need another brick-by-brick rebuild here. Most of us are willing to accept character wins over wins on the court as long as we see progress and exceptional effort.

We love watching high school recruits grow and succeed on the court and in life. We expect transfer players to be held to the same high standards as high school recruits.

We are also not in the NBA. When a recruit makes a commitment to us, Nebraskans make a commitment to them -- and that includes a college education and rehabilitation from injuries. Your treatment of current scholarship players will have an impact on future recruits' impression of our university long after you're gone.

I respect our tournament-or-bust Husker fans, but I hope you also hear from more of us -- the lifelong Husker basketball fans that care more about the integrity of the program and the success of our student athletes.

Admittedly, Husker fans have unfairly high expectations for you, and you should be mindful that you'll be evaluated on more than a win-loss record here in Lincoln.

Jennifer Rawlinson, Lincoln

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