Nebraska Walk for Life 1.26

Alvin Raef cuts balloons to represent unborn babies that have been aborted since 1973 during the Nebraska Walk for Life event on Saturday, Jan. 26 near the state Capitol.

The Rev. Jay E. Schmidt began his letter (“Abortion crackdown has human cost," June 20) by citing a personal family example of a botched abortion that happened more than 80 years ago.

He said having the baby would result in the mother being fired from her job, and, "if the mother and father got married, she would be fired from her job." Schmidt said adopting out the baby would not solve the problem.

He continues, "Today, some people would have us go back to those ways. It may make them feel pious and righteous, but it does nothing for the victim."

Two questions:

* Who is the real victim here? The person who could lose their job or the baby who lost his or her life?

* Are you suggesting that having a baby out of wedlock now would cause the mother to be fired? Are you suggesting if the mother and father got married now the mother would be fired?

You know what? I do not feel pious or righteous.

Gary Dorn, Lincoln

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