Street improvement

Traffic moves along Pine Lake Road west of 70th Street on Jan. 15. Voters will be asked in the city's April primary election to consider adding a quarter-cent sales tax to help with street construction and maintenance.

What’s wrong with this picture? Both Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm and Jane Kinsey, spokeswoman for Watchdogs of Lincoln Government, oppose giving Lincoln voters the opportunity to vote on the proposed quarter-cent sales tax increase to fund street repairs ("Voters will decide on tax hike," Feb. 5).

Both claim to speak on behalf of voters in opposing the proposal, yet they apparently don’t trust these same voters to decide the issue. Could it be that they fear voters might actually support this proposal? It occurs to me that if they truly believe voters wouldn’t support the proposed increase, they’d jump at the opportunity to let the voters decide.

Their logic leads me to think that I must have been sleeping in civics class when we were talking about the definition of participatory democracy.

William Davenport, Lincoln

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