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Letter, 11/22: Only cooperation will fix problems

Letter, 11/22: Only cooperation will fix problems

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U.S. President Donald Trump removes his mask upon return to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Oct. 5 in Washington.

Now that the Chinese government has congratulated President-elect Joe Biden before most Republican members of the House and Senate, it’s pretty clear who’s been the cause of problems in Washington in recent years.

This lack of courage and practical professional courtesy is now hamstringing the transition between administrations, thereby making the American people, even the benighted who voted for President Trump, vulnerable to potential danger from afar, as well as from the pandemic now raging out of control, thanks to no leadership from petulant, vindictive Trump and feckless Mike Pence.

When are House and Senate Republicans, enablers all of those two, going to show a little spine and stop treating governance as a political game?

The House’s Heroes Act, passed in the spring, has been languishing on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s desk ever since he called himself the “Grim Reaper,” a self-identification only a self-aggrandizing idiot would make.

Democrats under President Obama and Biden cleaned up the financial mess created by the Bush administration and rebuilt our economy, with impressive results. Now Biden and Harris will have to clean up the mess left by yet another scandal-ridden Republican administration, only this time, while rebuilding the economy, they will also have to help bury the dead, more than a quarter of a million by year’s end.

Wearing red tractor caps or approaching the pandemic with half-measures to politicize it won’t make America great again. Only by seriously working cooperatively to contain and eradicate the virus by universal mask wearing and following CDC guidelines will we succeed.

Liam O. Purdon, Lincoln


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