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Letter, 1/31: Presidential vote must be changed

Letter, 1/31: Presidential vote must be changed

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John Farrand ("Founders would back vote split," Jan. 24) opines: “The Electoral College makes certain that every state, large and small, plays a role in the election of the president and vice president.”

Mr. Farrand does not understand that in a democracy, it is the people that must elect presidents and members of Congress, not the states. In presidential elections, a majority of unelected electors chosen by political parties elects presidents. This is an oligarchy, not a democracy.

Our founders were afraid of democracy because they had read Plato. Plato did not like the democracy in ancient Athens because he thought that democracy leads to mob rule. Plato wanted his republic ruled by an oligarchy of philosopher kings.

Our founders wanted men like them (white, male property-holders) ruling the young republic. Only members of the House of Representatives were elected by white, male property-holders. Senators were chosen by state legislatures and electors were also supposed to be chosen by state legislatures (now, electors are chosen by political parties).

Our founders did not want lesser people (white males without property, all women, slaves and Native people) voting because that would be mob rule.

Democracy is one person, one vote. The Electoral College is one state, multiple electoral votes. This is not democratic, and because each state has two senators, small states have more clout per person than large states.

The Constitution was amended 100 years ago to directly elect senators. We must amend the Constitution to directly elect presidents if we are to be a true democracy.

William Boernke, Lincoln


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