"They were brothers. They both passed away on the same day in the same place. "We'll never know exactly what happened, but they came into this world together and they left it the same way." – Ed McLaughlin, at the funeral of Rudolph and Leo Blitz, twin brothers from Lincoln killed at Pearl Harbor whose remains were returned home and buried together 78 years later.

"Guns are not for hunting. They’re useful for that, but the primary purpose of a firearm that the Second Amendment stands for you having, is a firearm that’s useful for shooting other human beings. … This has to be useful to defend against threats.” – Lincoln attorney Dick Clark, who believes Nebraska’s urban areas have strict gun laws in comparison to other red states.

"I don’t believe that is the intent of labeling, but that’s what I see happening to schools – they feel shamed into trying to improve. I just don’t believe that’s the route we ought to go." – Robin Stevens, a member of the Nebraska Board of Education and former superintendent of Schuyler Public Schools, on his opposition to labeling schools.

"So there is a huge potential for the farmers in Nebraska ... to start growing hemp for CBD. I am excited to see the first legal hemp farming in Nebraska here." – Ismail Dweikat, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln agronomy professor, on the state’s first hemp farming operations.

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"Get comfortable, because some of the streets we'll be on won't be." – Lincoln Assistant Director of Transportation Lonnie Burklund, warning the streets advisory committee about the quality of roads on which they’d soon be riding.

“Given the same set of circumstances and facts, I probably wouldn’t pursue an Amber Alert, mainly because of the lack of specificity on the vehicle type, the person responsible and any kind of plate number.” – Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister, who said the issuance of an Amber Alert likely hindered the search for a missing teen.

"We should secure the border and confirm President Trump's great judicial nominees. Washington ain't the center of the world. This is the center of the world." – Sen. Ben Sasse, announcing his campaign for a second term.

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