Herrold-Ward Composite

James Herrold and Tammy Ward

As northwest Lincoln voters replace Carl Eskridge following his second term on the City Council, they have three choices to consider.

Those candidates – James Herrold, Cassey Lottman and Tammy Ward – have distinct visions and focuses for how to best serve this diverse area of town, which stretches from South of Downtown to Air Park.

From the perspective of the Journal Star editorial board, Herrold and Ward represent the best picks to advance to the general election. Both are well informed but offer voters very different philosophies on governance.

Though he hasn’t been elected to public office, Herrold has been a fixture at City Council meetings for several months. No other candidate has demonstrated that much of a desire to study how the council functions week in and week out.

He presents a consistent, conservative message of reducing red tape and barriers to government services, correctly noting that the affiliated costs are passed onto Lincolnites. By nurturing and promoting growth in the Capitol City, he hopes to increase tax revenue by spreading it among more residents, thereby reducing it for individuals.

While it’s unclear how the council’s composition will change following this spring’s election, Herrold would be positioned as a swing vote if the other seats’ party breakdown remained the same. As a registered Libertarian, he’d be insulated from the divide between Republicans and Democrats that frequently crops up when controversial topics come before the officially nonpartisan body.

Ward, meanwhile, brings a wealth of political experience to the table – not to mention the endorsement of the incumbent. She’d likely represent a continuation of Eskridge’s pragmatism on the council.

Much of her professional experience has been in the public sector, working in the offices of the Lincoln mayor and Nebraska governor, in addition to former Sen. Ben Nelson. Other jobs have included the Nebraska Legislature and Nebraska Department of Economic Development. She’s also involved with leadership roles in Lincoln Electric System, the University of Nebraska and a Lincoln Rotary Club.

A quote Ward attributed to Nelson in her interview with the editorial board stood out to us: “If you’re not willing to give up something, you’ll have to lose everything.” That kind of attitude and willingness to compromise will benefit the City Council and Lincoln as a whole.

She embodied that ideal at the press conference announcing her candidacy last November. At the event, prominent Republicans and Democrats alike stood behind her, making clear that they support her bid for this office.

Herrold and Ward offer contrasting plans for how to represent District 4. Ultimately, we believe they’re the best candidates to advance into May’s general election.

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