Perception is not always reality and when it comes to air fares for the Lincoln area air traveler, it pays to always check Lincoln first.

As your elected representatives on the Lincoln Airport Authority Board of Directors, we appreciate the confidence you have placed in us to work hard on your behalf to make LNK be the best that it can be.

While the Airport Authority does not have any control over airline schedules or fares, plane sizes, Transportation Security Administration screening, baggage handling or the weather, we try hard every day to create an environment that makes flying from LNK a pleasant experience.

We are constantly in contact with both existing carriers, Delta and United, and potential new airlines to improve fare competitiveness, add seats and new routes and to provide, to the best of their ability, on time arrivals and departures as we know these air travel issues are critical to your satisfaction.

Being close to home with convenient and inexpensive parking makes LNK the right choice when fares are competitive to your travel destination.

LAA is excited that in recent months both United and Delta have adjusted LNK and Omaha fares to make LNK highly competitive with Omaha.

On a monthly basis, LAA audits fare competitiveness between Lincoln and Omaha on United, Delta and Southwest. Our Aug. 9 snapshot for travel beginning September 10 showed incredibly competitive fares.

Delta fares to the 25 most common Lincoln-area travel destinations were within $20 each way of Omaha on more than 60% of destinations. For 20 international destinations, Lincoln was less than $50 each way more than Omaha on 70% of destinations. In many cases, Lincoln fares were cheaper or the same.

On United, approximately 40% of Lincoln fares were within $20 each way on domestic destinations, and 75% of international fares were within $50.

Even when comparing presumed low-cost carrier Southwest to Delta or United flights out of Lincoln, almost 50% of LNK fares were within $20 each way.

Overall, out of 115 different comparisons, only 10 destinations had a fare differential of more than $100 each way. If you must fly out of Omaha, you can also be assured that Omaha has very comparable fares to Kansas City so there is no need to travel outside our state.

While cost is not the only factor to consider when planning air travel, it’s nice to know that flying out of your own Lincoln Airport can, most of the time, be competitive, you are supporting the Lincoln Airport and Lincoln economic development and are spending less time on the road when you return home from a business or leisure trip.

Another reason to support our local airport is that when airlines are considering adding flights, adding destinations, increasing the size of the planes or considering starting service from Lincoln, the most important factor is passenger demand and how full the planes are. In July, more than 86% of all available seats leaving Lincoln were filled, which is an impressive statistic.

As members of your elected Lincoln Airport Authority Board, we thank you for your commitment to always check LNK before you book.

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The authors are the Lincoln Airport Authority Board of Directors.


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