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Lincoln Karate Clinic has provided a summary of the benefits that are offered.

Lincoln Karate Clinic is home to Lincoln's premier karate training school for children and youth. Many parents ask about different aspects of what Lincoln Karate Clinic is all about so we provided this list as a summary of the benefits that are offered:

1. Karate training makes kids less violent: Simply, by learning how to fight, a person will not have to fight. At LKC, we teach kids effective ways to defend themselves should the need arise, however we instill upon students that fighting is a last resort. Karate training does not make children more violent -- quite the opposite. That said, we do not teach kids aspects of martial arts such as ground-and-pound that you might see many adults highly interested. Our karate training involves controlled techniques, not a barrage of hitting and other techniques designed to get someone to give up or submit.

2. Kids at LKC excel in other sports! Why? Because of the combination of strength training, speed drills and agility exercises, students at LKC becoming quite accomplished overall athletes often rise to the top in other activities such as PE in school or an organized sport. Karate is a perfectly balanced mix of upper and lower body, rotational, forward/backward, lateral and circular movements combining strength, flexibility, endurance, timing and eye/hand/foot coordination.

3. Why is karate training a great choice when compared to other activities? First, everyone gets to participate! There is no bench time and everyone is competing with themselves, not each other. At LKC, we are a family, a team that trains together, not against each other. Our atmosphere is unique and provides a place to be where everyone feels welcome. Many of our students have met their best friend at karate!

4. We prepare kids for life! At LKC, we teach skills that will last a lifetime. In addition to our unique Child Predator Awareness Training Program and innovative 4 C’s of Bullying program, we teach kids social skills, coping skills and conflict resolution skills. Kids learn these skills through our teachings in class, and while it takes time, kids benefit from having these skills long after earning their black belt.

5. Karate training is year-round. Classes are not just during a certain season and so the benefit is continuous rather than for an isolated period of time. Also, anytime is a good time to start.

6. Classes at LKC are amazing for children/youth with emotional issues or trauma. Because of the background of Scott Walls (chief instructor of classes), being a mental health counselor, for many years kids have been helped through karate training.

Visit the Lincoln Karate Clinic website at: or call the school: 402-483-KICK. The school is just south of 70th and O streets at 237 S. 70th, Suite 108.


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