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Gil Savery, a 44-year member of the editorial department for the Lincoln Evening Journal, celebrated his 100th birthday Tuesday. Savery continues to write occasional columns for the Neighborhood Extra section of the Saturday Journal Star.

In observance of the milestone, Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler issued the following proclamation:

Whereas, Gilbert M. Savery was born to Dorothy and Rev. G.T. Savery in Shelby, Nebraska on his father’s birthday, October 10, 1917, and moved to Lincoln when he was 12; and

Whereas, after graduating from Lincoln High and UNL, Gil was hired as a police reporter at the Lincoln Evening Journal in 1941 and became the longest serving News Editor in the paper’s history; and

Whereas, Gil retired as Managing Editor of the Lincoln Journal in 1985, after a distinguished 44-year career that included a 1948 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service; and

Whereas, Gil’s integrity, sense of fairness and commitment to accuracy and excellence have earned him many journalism and community service awards as well as induction into the Nebraska Journalism Hall of Fame; and

Whereas, Gil has been a leader at Southminster United Methodist Church since its beginning and continued contributing to his community in his retirement years by serving the UNL Journalism College, the local Board of Health and the Red Cross; and

Whereas, Gil has been a strong defender of freedom of the press, open meeting laws and freedom of information legislation on the local and national level, and he continues to make his voice heard on issues of justice and equality; and

Whereas, Gil continues to be an inspiration to his family and a wonderful role model for his children and grandchildren,

Now, therefore, I, Chris Beutler, Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska, do hereby proclaim Oct. 10, 2017, as “Gil Savery Day” to celebrate his 100th birthday and to thank him for his many contributions to our community.


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